Diatom Filters

A diatom filter is one that uses diatomaceous earth to remove fine particulate matter from the aquarium water. Diatomaceous earth is not earth at all.

It is a fossilized, microscopic shell of a one-celled plant called diatoms. It is lightweight, extremely porous, and can filter the water particulates down to one micron, which is enough to remove most parasites that are found in the aquarium.




Uses for a Diatom Filter

Diatom Filter There are three main reasons for the use of a diatom filter.
They are as follows:

  • Cleaning and polishing the water to make it crystal clear.
  • Mechanical filtering done on occasion to assist the biological and mechanical filter when they become overloaded.
  • Removing parasites once micron or larger that may be present in the water. Diatom filters will not remove every parasite but will do an excellent job removing most of them.

The diatom filter is an excellent addition to your freshwater or saltwater tanks but should not be used on a continual basis as the main source of filtration. They clog easily and are so efficient at filtering they can remove important elements fish require to remain healthy.

This filter is extremely quick at filtering a tank and can be transferred from tank to tank to keep your entire tank collection clean and clear. If you have a pond, use a diatom filter to quickly clean it and remove harmful parasites that are common in the outdoors.

The diatomaceous earth used in these filters is designed for a single use and should be replaced after every cleaning to avoid clogging and possibly overheating the filter unit.

Diatom Filter Manufacturers

  • Vortex Innerspace Products, Inc.