Power Hang-On Filters

Power Filter Power filters are perfect if you need outstanding biological, chemical, and mechanical filtration for your freshwater aquarium. They are definitely the most commonly purchased filter types and this is due to their ease of use and easier maintenance. All you need to do is choose the right media the flow rate which is in accordance with the size of your aquarium.

Power Filters are also popular because they can be used for many aquarium sizes and a variety of tropical fish types. They hang off the aquarium back so they do not disrupt the beauty of a view. Power filters come with replaceable filter cartridges for convenient maintenance and to offer extra pollution removing power, most current models feature either a biological filter pad or BIO-wheel.

Power Filter Media Brands

Five most popular Power Filter media brands are Emperor, Penguin, Aqua Clear, Tetratec and Whisper:

Tetratec has a design that while expensive, makes the filter worth the money it costs. Tetratec units ensure consistent filtration because they can force the water flow through filter media, whereas other units only allow water to passively flow past. There is no need for an in-the-tank heater because you can add heating units.

For Power Filters, Whisper units are a good alternative thanks to their quiet working. A low-cost and reliable product, Whisper has a lower throughput and the filter gets clogged pretty easy.

Emperor is one of the most popular brands of power filters and is one of the first to combine bio-wheel technology with mechanical and chemical for the three-stage filtration. Previously no one had used this technology in freshwater aquarium power filters. You get large media containers and a unit that is driven by two water pumps while most filters are driven only by one water pumps. Emperor might be a little more expensive but the price is right for such a top of the line device.

The Penguin is a good power filter too and comes with the same bio-wheel technology Emperor provides. But when the water level drops, Penguin power filters have a tendency to become noisy and there is also the lack of flow control which is a off-putting. But since the price of this one is lower than the rest, it is worth a try.

Aqua Clear is a product from Hagen which is not noisy and has very less functionality problems. It is compact and reasonably priced, and the filter is easy to maintain. You get a large media area as well. Aqua Clear units don't become noisy but in case of power interruption you will have to the restart the filter.

Power Filter Manufacturers

  • AquaClear
  • Marineland
  • Tetra Whisper
  • Aqueon QuietFlow
  • Fluval
  • Eheim
  • Aquarium Pharmaceuticals